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Evaluate The Change in Knowledge and Attitude of Emergency Medicine Program

Saudi Board of Emergency Medicine (SBEM) graduates are involved in a 1-month rotation in emergency medical services (EMSs) and disaster medicine. The study evaluated the change in knowledge and attitude of EM residents after the introduction of the EMS and disaster medicine rotation. The Saudi Board of Emergency Medicine (SBEM) was created; it is considered the largest EM training program in the region. It is a 4-year program, and the goal is to graduate residents into specialists who can assume leadership roles in the field of EM.

Biologists Have Shown The Change In Protein Shape In Mechanism

Researchers have focused on the major histocompatibility complex class II (MHC II), which helps our immune system distinguish disease-related protein fragments from those belonging to our cells. For years, computational biologists have sought ways to model how proteins change shape in real time. In the past decade, they have glimpsed the possibilities as new programs, and powerful computers came online, letting researchers learn more about disease mechanisms that once eluded them.