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Russian researchers develop new biosensor chips based on unconventional materials

Russian researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have developed biosensor chips of unprecedented sensitivity, which are based on copper instead of the conventionally used gold. Besides making the device somewhat cheaper, this innovation will facilitate the manufacturing process.

The research findings are reported in the journal Langmuir, named in honor of Irving Langmuir — a U.S. scientist awarded the 1932 Nobel Prize in chemistry "for his discoveries and investigations in surface chemistry."

Sexually Transmitted Outbreaks of Hepatitis A Virus

Hepatitis A viruses (HAVs) circulating in an ongoing outbreak among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the Lombardy region of Italy are predominantly attributable to strains linked to two other recent outbreaks in Europe, according to a study presented today at The International Liver Congress 2018 in Paris, France.

The study found that earlier cases in the Lombardy outbreak were related to an HAV strain reported in the Netherlands, while later cases were more frequently linked to a strain seen in the UK.

Evaluate Linear And Angular Insertion Depth Measurements Of Cochlear Implants

According to a study, researchers examine the linear and angular insertion depth measurements of cochlear implants based on conventional computed tomography. Imaging exams play a key role in cochlear implants about both planning implantation before surgery and quality control after surgery. The ability to visualize the three-dimensional location of implanted electrodes is useful in clinical routines for assessing patient outcome.

NHPS: Little Known on Cost of Buying Medicines

The Union Cabinet recently approved the launch of the National Health Protection Mission which was announced during Budget 2018-19. The Mission aims to provide a cover of five lakh rupees per family per year to about 10.7 crore families belonging to the poor and vulnerable population.

The insurance coverage is targeted for hospitalization at the secondary and tertiary health care levels. This post explains the healthcare financing scenario in India, which is distributed across the center, states, and individuals.

To Identify The Effect That Gravity Has On Sleep

A study determines that since a few decades, man has been able to reach space, escape from the earth attraction and spend days and nights in a weightless condition. Some major physiological changes have been observed during long stays and in particular, the sleep duration in space is shorter than on the ground. This study reviews a novel hypothesis proposing that sleep is partly due to gravity. At the same time, all creatures on Earth undergo cycles of activity and periods of rest.