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Imaging Protocol Assesses Molecular Mechanism in the Treatment of Deadly Childhood Cancer

ANSTO's unique capabilities and expertise in the production and application of radiotracers for imaging have been highlighted in a recent publication in the journal Theranostics. In collaboration with researchers from the Children's Cancer Institute (CCI) in Sydney, imaging was pivotal in understanding the mechanism of a promising new treatment developed at CCI for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma

Chronic Kidney Disease Rates are Increasing Faster Than Other Noninfectious Diseases

Advances in treating cancer, heart disease and other major health conditions in recent decades have extended lifespans for millions of people. However, chronic kidney disease is an outlier, with cases accelerating at a faster pace than all other noninfectious diseases, according to a study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Veterans Affairs (VA) St. Louis Health Care System