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Growing Matching Blood Cells in the Laboratory

For some blood transfusion patients, it is particularly difficult to find a compatible blood donor. Growing matching blood cells in the laboratory has long been an overarching goal of scientists for these patients. Research from Ashley Toye et al. has brought this vision one step closer to reality. The research is published in EMBO Molecular Medicine.

Evaluate The Vascular Anatomy Of The Spermatic Cord

A study examines the detailed vascular anatomy of the spermatic cord during subinguinal microscopic varicocelectomy and to assess the outcome of the cases about varicocele recurrence and hydrocele formation. Varicocele is found in ∼15% of the general male population. The European Association of Urology recommends varicocele repair for adults with clinical varicocele with infertility or abnormal semen quality and adolescents with progressive failure of testicular development.