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Makona Ebola Virus: Despite Mutations Disease Consistent in Mice, Monkeys

Early during the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa, scientists speculated that the genetic diversity of the circulating Makona strain of virus (EBOV-Makona) would result in more severe disease and more transmissibility than prior strains.

However, using two different animal models, National Institutes of Health scientists have determined that certain mutations stabilized early during the epidemic and did not alter Ebola disease presentation or outcome. Their work, published in Cell Reports, offers further evidence to support previous findings from molecular sequencing that the diversity of EBOV-Makona did not significantly impact the course of disease.

Salbutamol Doping: Futility of Urine Tests

Salbutamol, also known as albuterol, is a medication that opens up constricted medium and large airways in the lungs and is often used to treat asthma. Because high doses are suspected by some to also have an anabolic effect, its daily dosage is restricted by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which uses urine tests to determine violations. A new British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study shows that large variability in urine concentrations, however, lead to infeasibility of determining an administered dose from a single untimed urine sample.

Innovative VIPS Device To Detect Stroke

A new device worn like a visor can detect an emergent large-vessel occlusion in patients with suspected stroke with 92% accuracy, report clinical investigators at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), and University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Racism Toward Patients In Health Care System

A report behind studying an increase in rheumatic fever in M?ori and Pacific people has uncovered claims of racism and 'rough handling' of patients suffering from the disease reports academics at the University of Auckland.