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Examining The Effects Of A Microgravity Environment On Human Sperm Motility

A study examined the effects of microgravity (µG) environment on human sperm motility. As The Space age progresses, they need to determine whether humans can pursue a normal life in space, including reproductive function. They have been studying the effects of the environmental factors in space that are different from those on earth, such as gravity, solar rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, temperature, and radioisotopes.

Developments Are Needed In End-Of-Life Care

A study analyzed that the personal perceptions and experiences of patients, families, and healthcare professionals have highlighted the need for improvement in symptom management for end of life care. They identified several areas of treatment which were often perceived as sub-optimally managed by healthcare professionals, including; pain, breathing difficulties, nutrition, and hydration. Nutrition and hydration were specifically recognized as being "of significant concern," particularly for carers.

Risks Of Cholera Infecting Millions Of People In Yemen

A study estimates that the world's worst humanitarian crisis risks a resurgence of cholera that could infect millions as the rainy season advances. Health authorities should "immediately" boost measures to mitigate risk, an international team urged in The Lancet Global Health. These could include vaccination, distributing equipment for filtering and disinfecting water, and repairing crumbling sanitation infrastructure.

Earplugs Could Minimize The Risk Of Hearing Loss At Concert

Researcher exempts that temporary hearing loss after a concert may be more likely in people who drink, use drugs and avoid earplugs. Researchers studied 51 people at an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam, asking half of them to wear earplugs. All but two of the participants drank alcohol during the show, and 11 of them, or 22%, reported drug use. The acquired hearing loss has become much more common in recent decades. The study was published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.

An Enzyme Complex Plays A Major Role In Cell Growth And Autophagy

A study confirms that the Pib2 complex directly bound to glutamine in yeast cells, which activated a signaling pathway for cell growth by suspending autophagy. The human body consists of about 35 trillion cells, so it could be said that overall body growth is the growth of individual cells. One essential nutrient for cells is amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The presence or absence of amino acids regulates cell growth.

A Toolkit For Menstrual Hygiene Management

Researchers at Columbia University with colleagues at the International Rescue Committee and 27 humanitarian organizations and agencies developed a toolkit to address the menstruation-related needs of girls and women fleeing disaster or conflict.