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Plt-MPs And Its Interaction With a Human B-Lymphoblast Cell Line

Platelets are blood cells with extensive capabilities in hemostasis. They also play a central role in the development of innate and adaptive immune responses. Little information exists about the immunostimulatory role of platelet-derived microparticles (Plt-MPs). To further elucidate this issue, researchers conducted this study using the B-lymphoblast cell line ‘Daudi’ as an available surrogate cell line for peripheral blood B lymphocytes. This cell line does not produce immunoglobulins (Igs) and has low expression of activation markers.

Assessment Of Suspicious Laryngopharyngeal Lesions By Tissue Biopsy Techniques

Laryngopharyngeal lesions encompass a wide range of disease processes that include benign lesions, local manifestations of systemic disease, inflammatory disorders, and primary malignancies. Operative endoscopy and flexible fiber-optic in-office tissue biopsy are common techniques to assess suspicious laryngopharyngeal lesions. In the United States, an estimated 61,700 new cases of oral cavity, pharynx, and larynx cancer will arise in 2016 and an estimated 13,190 deaths will occur from these cancers combined.

Children Might Suffer From Psychological Effects After Being Hospitalized

A new study examined that children can suffer lasting psychological effects after being hospitalized for an unintentional injury. In children after an injury event, there were increased visits to health care providers that were associated with mental-health diagnoses. There was also an increase in prescriptions that are aimed to treat mental-health conditions. The study was published in The Journal Of Paediatrics.

Kimichi Has Probiotic Bacteria With Traditonal Quality

A new study finds that kimchi made without fish products has the same type of bacteria as more traditionally made kimchi. That finding suggests that any "probiotic" benefits associated with traditional kimchi could be present in vegan versions as well. Researchers have found that kimchi made without seafood products has the same 'probiotic' bacteria as more traditional kimchi. The study was published in the journal Food Microbiology.