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Overuse of Interventions for Bronchiolitis Reduced

A multidisciplinary improvement initiative can reduce overuse of interventions for bronchiolitis, according to a study published online in Pediatrics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published bronchiolitis clinical practice guidelines in 2014 recommending against the routine use of bronchodilators, chest radiographs, or respiratory viral testing in children with a clinical diagnosis of bronchiolitis. Our aim in this project was to align care with the American Academy of Pediatrics clinical practice guidelines by decreasing the overuse of these interventions.

AB-NHPM scheme: Roadmap Prepared For Its Implementation

After getting the green light from the Union Cabinet, the Centre has started preparing a roadmap for the implementation of its ambitious Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM).

In a meeting in this regard was held by the Ministry of Health to discuss two major challenges—preventing fraud claims and tackling the problem of lack of hospital network in rural areas, sources close to the Ministry of Health said.

Hemorrhagic Fever: Antibodies Disarm Two Viruses of Same Family

Hemorrhagic fever viruses, so named for their ability to induce massive, and at times fatal, internal bleeding, captured the world's attention during the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016 in West Africa. But these pathogens' high lethality, fickle seasonal and geographic patterns, compounded by a lack of preventive therapies, have frustrated scientific and public health efforts to avert outbreaks for far longer than the recent epidemics.

Male Infertility is Related to Taurine Deficiency, New Study

Sperm cells have a unique shape that allows them to travel. During fertilization, sperm pass through several physiological environments while still maintaining their shape, using poorly understood mechanisms. Researchers found that male mice lacking cysteine dioxygenase, a protein involved in taurine production, have severely impaired fertility, and that taurine production allows sperm cells to maintain their shape in response to changing water levels in their environment.