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Thyroid Gland Carry A Greater Risk For Malignancy

New research examined that nodules located in the upper pole of the thyroid gland may carry a greater risk for malignancy than those in the lower pole. Sonographic characteristics of nodules such as microcalcifications, hypoechoicity, infiltrative margins, increased vascularity, and taller-than-wide are all known to be associated with greater malignancy risk, but no prior study has examined the risk about a location in the upper versus lower pole of the thyroid.

Incubation Period Is A Key In Spread Of Disease

The distribution of incubation times in most cases, they contend, is close to 'lognormal' meaning that the logarithms of the incubation periods, rather than the incubation periods themselves, are normally distributed. Working with a simple mathematical model in which chance plays a key role, researchers calculated how long it would take a bacterial infection or cancer cell to take over a network of healthy cells.