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Brain Mechanisms Linked To Memory Reactivation

According to a new study, researchers examine that sleep presents an opportune time for important, new memories to become stabilized. And it is long been known which brain waves are produced during sleep. They set out to better understand the brain mechanisms that secure memory storage. They described as bursts of brain activity typically lasting around one second, were linked to memory reactivation. "Sleep spindle refractoriness segregates periods of memory reactivation." The study was published in the journal Current Biology.

To determine If Green Space Associated With Schizophrenia Risk?

Schizophrenia risk has been linked to urbanization, but the underlying mechanism remains unknown. Green space is hypothesized to positively influence mental health and might mediate risk of schizophrenia by mitigating noise and particle pollution exposure, stress relief, or other unknown mechanisms. People who grew up without green spaces are 50% more likely to develop schizophrenia compared with those who grew up surrounded by greenery. The study was published in the journal Schizophrenia Research.

Structural Basis For Gating Pore Current In Periodic Paralysis

Researchers found a rare genetic disorder in which people are suddenly overcome with profound muscle weakness is caused by a hole in a membrane protein that allows sodium ions to leak across cell membranes. A hole in a protein lets ions leaks into cells, thereby triggering the profound muscle weakness of hypokalemic periodic paralysis. The study was published in the journal Nature.

High Blood Pressure Should Be Treated With Medication

According to a new study, researchers estimated one out of every three U.S. adults has high blood pressure that should be treated with medication, under guidelines recently adopted by the two leading heart health associations. The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association redefined high blood pressure, based on new evidence supporting a lower threshold. The new study was published in JAMA Cardiology.

Microscope Imaging System Integrates Virtual Reality Technology

A robotically controlled digital microscope that provides advanced visualization in the operating room. The system features a robotic arm with a high-definition camera that projects digital images of neuroanatomy on larger monitors. The system is an alternative to the traditional operating microscope, a mainstay in modern neurosurgery that features an ocular, or eyepiece, used by the surgeon to see magnified images of the brain.

New Anaesthesia Standards Updated In Global Effort To Improve Surgical Care

A new study recommends for anesthesia professionals throughout the world and is intended to provide guidance and assistance to anesthesia professionals, their professional societies, hospital and facility administrators, and governments for improving and maintaining the quality and safety of anesthesia care. They were first adopted by the WFSA on 13th June 1992, with revisions in 2008 and 2010. The latest version was published in May 2018 and was developed on behalf of both the WFSA and WHO.

Bit Of Exercise Can Help Maintain Muscle Mass And Strength

Researchers have revealed that getting old doesn't necessarily mean getting weak and frail just a little bit of exercise can help maintain muscle mass and strength. Aging is associated with a reduction in both muscle size and strength (a condition known as sarcopenia). As a driver of morbidity and mortality, the condition is fast becoming a growing health concern in our aging population.