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Minor Salivary Glands Have A Higher Risk Of Malignancy

A study estimates that approximately 10% of pleomorphic adenomas occur in the minor salivary glands with the palate being the most common site. Pleomorphic adenomas account for the majority of palatal tumors; however, minor salivary gland tumors have a higher risk of malignancy compared to tumors of the major salivary glands, so appropriate diagnostic evaluation should be prompt.

New Way To Block A Root Cause Of Pain

Researchers have found a new way to block a root cause of pain. The key is a naturally occurring protein called apolipoprotein A-I binding protein (AIBP). AIBP binds to toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), a protein that sits on the surface of cells like an antenna, searching for signs of infection or tissue damage. The researchers found that treating mice with a single spinal injection of AIBP and thus switching TLR4 "off" prevented and reversed inflammation and cellular events associated with pain processing. The study was published in Cell Reports.

Recycling Of An Cellular Process Can Extend The LifeSpan

Researchers have determined that "cellular housekeeping" can extend the lifespan and healthspan of mammals. They found that mice with persistently increased levels of autophagy in the process a cell use to dispose of unwanted or toxic substances that can harm cellular health live longer and are healthier. The study was published in Nature.

Adult Life Lost To High Insulin Prices

People with type 1 diabetes was diagnosed and because of the costs, they lost the life because they couldn't afford the exorbitant price of his life-saving insulin. As they had a full-time job that didn't offer health insurance. But because he was working full-time, he didn't qualify for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. The insurance he could get, the premium and the deductible were so high, he couldn't afford to pay for a policy. His deductible would've been $7,600.

Emergency Care Centers Are Across The Country For Medical Treatment

According to one study, nearly half of ER patients whose ailment didn't warrant being admitted to the hospital had gone to the ER simply because their doctor's office wasn't open. Urgent care centers are popping up across the country as an option for medical treatment. But it's important to know the differences between these facilities and your local hospital emergency department. The ER is for life-threatening situations, yet many people go there when urgent care is more appropriate.

California Law Allowing Ill People To End Their Lives

Researcher declared that California law allowing terminally ill people to end their lives after finding that the Legislature unconstitutionally approved it during a special session. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra asked an appeals court to block and reverse last week's decision by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia. The court denied the request to immediately block the ruling. But experts say Becerra has other legal options and could ask the state Supreme Court to weigh in to try to restore the law.

Eating Disorders Seen In Sample Of U.S. Adults

According to a new study, researchers determined the prevalence of eating disorders in the United States (US). The new estimates were based on a nationally-representative sample of 36,309 adults the largest national sample of US adults ever studied. The findings estimate that 0.80% of US adults will be affected by anorexia nervosa in their lifetime; 0.28% will be affected by bulimia nervosa, and 0.85% will be affected by binge eating disorder. The study was published in Biological Psychiatry.

High Protein Diet Is Linked To Higher Rate Of Heart Disease

According to a new study, the researcher examined that eating higher amounts of protein was associated with a slightly elevated risk for heart failure than those who ate less protein in middle-aged men. Despite the popularity of high protein diets, there is little research about how diets high in protein might impact men's heart failure risk. The study was published in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure.