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COA Sue HHS and OMB to Stop Reimbursement Cuts

The Community Oncology Alliance (COA), a nonprofit organization representing more than 5000 community-based oncologists, has filed a lawsuit to stop the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) from using sequestration to cut reimbursement for Medicare Part B drugs, a COA press release indicates.

Detoxification With Aid of Tiny ultrasound-Powered Nanorobots

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed tiny ultrasound-powered robots that can swim through blood, removing harmful bacteria along with the toxins they produce. These proof-of-concept nanorobots could one day offer a safe and efficient way to detoxify and decontaminate biological fluids.

Body Functioning Followed By Internal Clocks

Researchers suggests that an external time schedule to eat, sleep, and go to work, our body is similarly dictated by internal clocks. Known as circadian rhythms, these daily cycles keep us on a regular 24-hour day and are involved in numerous aspects of our well-being. When these biological clocks fail to work as they should, our bodies are out of phase with the outside world and this leads to many problems, not only sleep disorders but obesity, cancer and mental health issues as well.

Abortion Does Not Increase A Woman's Risk For Depression

According to a study, researchers describe that having an abortion does not increase a woman's risk for depression. In previous research has found abortion does not harm women's mental health, studies claiming that it does continue to be published and state policies that restrict access to abortion in the United States have been justified by claims that abortion causes women psychological harm. The study was published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Genetic Characteristics of Indonesia's Rotavirus

Rotavirus A causes acute diarrhea in young children, and infects both animals and humans worldwide. A Japanese research group has found that the acute gastroenteritis infecting children in Indonesia between 2015 and 2016 was caused by dominant strains of equine-like G3 rotavirus, genetically different from human strains of the virus. The findings could shed light on how the virus traveled to Indonesia from neighboring countries.

HIV Protein and its Pathogenesis Uncovered

One of the many challenges in treating HIV is that the virus can lie dormant in cells, quietly evading immune detection until it suddenly roars to life without warning and begins replicating furiously. Salk Institute researchers discovered a small molecule called JIB-04 that destroys the HIV protein called Tat, responsible for revving up the virus.

Microbes Food Pattern Detailed With A New Technique

A new technique devised by researchers from North Carolina State University and the University of Calgary provides a more in-depth look at the metabolism and physiology within microbial communities – the microscopic life such as bacteria, viruses and other tiny forms of life within our bodies and throughout nature. Specifically, the new technique provides a more direct way to determine what food source, or substrate, a certain microbe has consumed.