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Antioxidant Activity of Violaxanthin

Violaxanthin is a major xanthophyll pigment in the microalga Eustigmatos cf. polyphem, but the amount produced after propagation can vary depending upon culture conditions. In this study, the effects of cultivation time of violaxanthin production was investigated.

To Identify And Correlate Desaturation Episodes And Risk Factors Of OSA

A study determined the Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may be related to episodes of oxygen desaturation, hypercapnia, cardiovascular dysfunction, cor?pulmonale, and pulmonary hypertension. STOP?BANG is an acronym for eight specific questions used to assess the likelihood of OSA. If the individual exhibits three or more of these indicators., Therefore, the decision of proceeding with inpatient versus outpatient ENT surgery still remains controversial. 

Evaluation Of DNA Sequencing In Spaceflight On The ISS

Researchers evaluated the performance of the MinION DNA sequencer in-flight on the International Space Station (ISS) and benchmarked its performance off-Earth against the MinION, Illumina MiSeq, and PacBio RS II sequencing platforms in terrestrial laboratories. Samples like Escherichia coli (strain K12, MG1655) and Mus musculus (female BALB/c mouse). Nine sequencing runs were performed aboard the ISS over a 6-month period, yielding a total of 276,882 reads with no apparent decrease in performance over time. 

A Protein Supercomplex Generates Energy Across The Bacterial Membrane

A study showed that researchers have isolated a protein supercomplex from a bacterial membrane that, like a battery, generates a voltage across the bacterial membrane. The voltage is used to make ATP, a key energy currency of life. In the new study, they showed the efforts to obtain the atomic structures of large membrane protein supercomplexes. The study was published in the journal Nature.

DNA Origami Technique Used For Making Complex

The study shows these nanostructures can survive in extremely low magnesium concentrations, opening up a broad spectrum of biophysical and biomedical applications. The DNA origami technique is a widely used method for making complex, yet well-defined nanostructures, with applications in biophysics, molecular biology, as well as drug and enzyme delivery. A major challenge, however, has been in achieving long-lasting stability under the conditions required for these applications.

Anesthesia Induction Technique On The Perioperative Respiratory Adverse Events

Limited evidence suggests that children have a lower incidence of perioperative respiratory adverse events when intravenous propofol is used compared with inhalational sevoflurane for the anesthesia induction. Limiting these events can improve recovery time as well as decreasing surgery waitlists and healthcare costs. This single-center open-label randomized controlled trial assessed the impact of the anesthesia induction technique on the occurrence of perioperative respiratory adverse events in children at high risk of those events.

Identical Genes Plays A Major Role in Development Of Large Brains

According to a study, researchers showed a set of three nearly identical genes found only in humans appear to play a critical role in the development of our large brains. The study represents more than five years of work to characterize the genes, their role in neurological development, and their evolutionary origins. The study was published in Cell.