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New Study: Parachutes for Small Airplanes Really Do Save Lives

Ever since Boris Popov introduced his “ballistic recovery systems” (BRS) for small airplanes in 1980, skeptics have continued to question their value. Popov came up with the idea of a whole-airplane parachute after surviving the structural failure of his hang glider, and Cirrus Aircraft subsequently incorporated the safety feature in its SR20/SR22 models. On its website, BRS Aerospace claims 380 lives have been saved by the system, which deploys a parachute that gently returns a disabled aircraft to the ground.

HIV: Russia Risks Epidemic as Cases Rise

Russia and some former Soviet Union countries risk developing out-of-control HIV epidemics, experts said, after data showed a record number of new cases last year. 

Most new cases in the former Soviet Union in 2017 were from heterosexual sex as the disease spreads beyond high-risk groups, according to research by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.