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During CPR, Man Could Be Awake For 90 Minutes

A new study shows it happened for one man for up to 90 minutes, and the finding suggests that sedation during CPR should be contemplated. In Nightmare, As doctors race to save your life while performing CPR, they are actually awake and conscious of what they are doing. At this time, we in the medical profession are not attending to the pain we cause nor are we aware of patients' levels of consciousness during CPR. This should be an area of future research.

Parent Adverse Childhood Experiences And Child Health Outcomes

According to a study, researchers found that for each type of adverse childhood experience a parent went through, their children had 19% higher odds of poorer health. Trauma experienced by a parent during childhood has long-reaching consequences maybe even to the point of negatively impacting their own children's health.

Effective Behavioral Treatments For A Migraine Patients

According to a new study, reserachers examined effective behavioral treatments for a migraine are being eschewed by a significant number of sufferers. Researchers found that about half of migraine patients who were referred by a headache center for specific behavioral treatment did not follow through with therapy. This occurred despite the fact that these treatments are considered first-line, safe and effective treatments by medical guidelines. The study was published in  Pain Medicine.