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Identification Of Pure-Tone Audiologic Thresholds For Pediatric Cochlear Implant

Researchers conducted a systematic review to identify audiologic thresholds in decibel hearing level (dB HLs) that might be appropriate for pediatric cochlear implantation. Children with a profound hearing impairment may benefit from cochlear implantation at audiology thresholds of 80 dB or higher, rather than 90 dB or higher, as is often recommended. The study was published in JAMA Otolaryngology Head-Neck Surgery.

New Evidence For Effects Of Anesthesia On The Developing Brain

A recent study advised that prolonged or repeated exposure to general anesthetics may affect neurodevelopment in children. This warning is based on a wealth of preclinical animal studies and relatively few human studies. The human studies include a variety of different populations with several different outcome measures. Interpreting the results requires consideration of the outcome used, the power of the study, the length of exposure and the efforts to reduce the confounding effects of comorbidity and surgery.