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Training On Palliative Care To Aggressive Patients For Surgery

A new study recommends that Doctors who do not have palliative care training are more likely to recommend aggressive surgery for patients with life-limiting diseases. Researchers surveyed 102 surgeons, oncologists, intensivists, and palliative care doctors near Sacramento, California, asking how they would respond to four different surgical scenarios in patients with very advanced cancers.

CK1 Protein Kinase Primes The PER2 Circadian Phosphoswitch

Researchers found that CK1 is the priming kinase that 'switches on' a key control point which plays an important role in regulating our biological clock. They abide by an external time schedule to eat, sleep, and go to work, our body is similarly dictated by internal clocks. Known as circadian rhythms, these daily cycles keep us on a regular 24-hour day and are involved in numerous aspects of our well-being.