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Ayushmaan Bharat's Role in An Universal Health Coverage

Existing public healthcare system in India is in the form of a pyramid, starting from the sub-centres and going up to the Medical Colleges, passing through primary health centres, community health centres, rural hospital, taluk hospital, and district hospital. Centres which provide primary healthcare are: sub-centre (SC) per 1000 population, primary health centre (PHC) per 30,000 population and community health centre (CHC) per 1,20,000 population.

HIV: Role of A 'super' Receptor in Killing Infected Cell

Researchers have discovered a unique set of 'super' receptors on immune cells capable of killing HIV across genetically diverse populations, making them a potential candidate for immunotherapy treatments. The researchers studied fifteen unique individuals who all had been infected with HIV, but have immune systems that protect them from AIDs progression. These rare individuals, called HIV controllers, could hold clues to the cure for the disease.

Risk of Elimination More Among the Basketball Teams Playing for Survival in Playoffs

If a sports team plays a critical game in which losing means elimination from a league, do they work harder to win—or does the high pressure mean they are more likely to make mistakes and lose? A new study in Frontiers in Psychology suggests the latter, finding that basketball teams playing for survival in critical NBA playoff games are more likely to lose. This suggests that the threat of elimination caused the teams to 'choke.'

Intervention Strategies To Slow Down Ebola

The phylogenetic tree of the 2013-2016 Ebola epidemic does not just reveal how the Ebola virus was able to evolve—it also reveals which events and preventive measures accelerated or slowed down its spread. These findings by researchers from the Rega Institute at KU Leuvenwere have been published in Nature Communications, and open up new perspectives for the containment of epidemics.