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Atomic Structure Of Tropoelastin

A study shows that the stretchiness that allows living tissues to expand, contract, stretch, and bend throughout a lifetime is the result of a protein molecule called tropoelastin. Remarkably, this molecule can be stretched to eight times its length and always returns back to its original size.

Researchers have decoded the molecular structure of this complex molecule, as well as the details of what can go wrong with its structure in various genetically driven diseases. Tropoelastin is the precursor molecule of elastin, which along with structures called microfibrils is the key to the flexibility of tissues including skin, lungs, and blood vessels.

Nanoparticles Use To Fry And Eradicate Cancer Cells

A new study showed that researchers developing nanoparticles that can zap tumors with significant amounts of heat under a low magnetic field. That's the promise of heated magnetic nanoparticles, a futuristic-sounding technology that could one day be used to fry and eradicate cancer cells without harming healthy tissue elsewhere in the body. The study was published online in the journal Small.