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Optimal Hypertension Treatment For Stroke Patients

Aggressive treatment of hypertension in stroke patients could do more harm than good in the long term, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Georgia. 6% of stroke patients admitted to U.S. emergency rooms have elevated blood pressure, and many studies say that having high blood pressure at the time of stroke can lead to higher rates of death and major disability.

New Tool to Find And Fight Most Dangerous Types Of Lymphoma

UK scientists have found a new way to identify people with the most aggressive types of lymphoma who are less likely to respond to standard drugs. Lymphomas are a form of cancer affecting white blood cells, and although these tumours looked the same as others under the microscope, the new test, called gene expression profiling showed that one in 10 patients in a trial were half as likely to be cured with existing treatments.

Research and Development in Patenting Aerospace Medicines

Research and development (R & D) into aerospace medicine can be viewed as falling into one of two camps: that aimed at adapting an existing 'terrestrial' medicine for use in the aerospace environment; and that which is newly developed for treating conditions that occur primarily or uniquely in aerospace.