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New Insights Of Bizzarre Structure In Inner Ear

Deep inside your ear, there's a tiny thing you may not know about a dead-end tube called an endolymphatic sac. Details on its function have been debated, but now scientists think they have finally figured out what this odd structure is for. The study was published in eLife.

Resolution Of Structured Illumination Microscopy

A new study examined that Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) is a tool which breaks the diffraction resolution barrier to provide resolutions of up to 20nm. The resolution of conventional microscopes is limited by the diffraction of light. This resolution is 200 nm laterally and 500 nm in the axial direction. Thus, it is difficult to visualize any object which lies below the range of this resolution. The size of most of the structures inside a cell is below this limit, which makes light microscopy an inappropriate tool to visualize sub-cellular structures.

First Robotic-Assisted Minimally Invasive Tracheoplasty Completed

A well-known thoracic surgeon successfully completed Northwestern Memorial Hospital's first robotic-assisted minimally invasive tracheoplasty using the da Vinci Xi Surgical System to help repair the collapse of the central airway including the trachea and bronchi. Northwestern Memorial is only the second hospital in the country to successfully complete such a complicated procedure providing patients with a better outcome and quicker recovery time after surgery.