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Misuse of Emergency Contraception Pills Risks Youths Life

Emergency contraception pills (ECPs) are not regular contraception pills, which can be consumed on a daily basis. Youngsters should know that ECPs are meant for emergency purposes and not for frequent consumption. This practice of rampantly consuming ECP to prevent unwanted pregnancies is putting lives of females at risk and making both the partners vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, experts said.

Accessibility to Mental Healthcare in India Remains A Challenge

“If it is inaccessible to the poor, it is neither radical or revolutionary.” This quote, which is making the rounds on social media, is attributed to Jonathan Herrera, an art faculty of MCAD who may have had a different context in mind while making this statement. But his point breaks global boundaries and questions not just the accessibility of basic human rights but also the hypocrisy behind it.

A Complete Atlas of Lung Tumor Cells Created

Researchers studied thousands of healthy and cancerous lung cells to create the first comprehensive atlas of lung tumor cells. Their results reveal that tumors are much more complex than previously appreciated, distinguishing 52 different types of cells. This new information can be used to identify new research lines for treatment. The results of the study will be published in the leading journal Nature Medicine.

PENTAX Medical Awarded for New Product Developments

PENTAX Medical is pleased to announce that the innovation within its new product developments has been recognized by two key awards. The first being the prestigious German Innovation Award 2018 for its ground-breaking DEC duodenoscope with a unique disposable design to improve standards of patient hygiene.

The second being for PENTAX Medical’s prototype Red Density System, supporting the endoscopic assessment of ulcerative colitis, which has been awarded the ESGE Innovation of the Year Award.

A New National Museum Of Psychology

A new study demonstrates the new National Museum of Psychology tells visitors there's more here than dusty books and esoteric curiosities. The world's most famous female superhero gets a place of distinction because she was created by a psychologist, William Moulton Marston, as a symbol of what he saw as the emerging power of women in the 1940s.

Once past Wonder Woman, the 8,500-square-foot museum on the edge of the University of Akron's downtown campus takes a deep dive into the study of why people do what they do. The technical stuff treatment of mental illness, the rise of talk therapy, etc. is keenly balanced with the kind of interactive exhibits that are a requirement for any modern family museum.

Antiviral Reponsese Initiated with Mitochondrial DNA in Exosomes

Researchers at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC) have provided valuable information about the defense mechanisms of the immune system during the early stages of the response to pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

The research findings, published in Nature Communications, contribute to the understanding of the cellular processes initiated at early stages and explain how the distinct cell populations of the immune system communicate to mount an effective response against pathogens.

Effectiveness of Antibiotics Altered With Combinations

The effectiveness of antibiotics can be altered by combining them with each other, non-antibiotic drugs or even with food additives. Depending on the bacterial species, some combinations stop antibiotics from working to their full potential whilst others begin to defeat antibiotic resistance, report researchers.