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Athletes with ADHD Suffer High Risk of Anxiety and Depression After Concussion

Athletes who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be at greater risk for experiencing persistent anxiety and depression after a concussion than people who do not have ADHD, according to a preliminary study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's Sports Concussion Conference in Indianapolis, July 20 to 22, 2018. ADHD is a brain disorder that affects attention and behavior.

Internet Filtering Tools: Ineffective in Stopping Teens from Seeing Explicit Sexual Content

The struggle to shape the experiences young people have online is now part of modern parenthood. As children and teenagers spend increasing amounts of time online, a significant share of parents and guardians now use Internet filtering tools (such as parental controls) to protect their children from accessing sexual material online.

However, new research from the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford has found that Internet filtering tools are ineffective and in most cases, were an insignificant factor in whether young people had seen explicit sexual content.

Circadian Rhythm Factor Controls Sleep Cycles

A study examining the circadian cycle, a long-studied factor controlling human sleep cycles, actually has two forms, one that keeps a key protein stable, and another that promotes its degradation. From heart and lung function to our rumbling stomachs at lunchtime and a feeling of tiredness in the evening, our bodies keep steady rhythms day in and day out.

Sleep And Wakefulness

This circadian clock is a series of tightly controlled cycles of specific amounts of proteins that cause sleep and wakefulness. It has recently attracted public attention with the 2017 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, but numerous aspects of the clock's functions remain a mystery.

Compulsive Sexual Behavior Considered As A Mental Illness

A new study showed that the World Health Organization has recognized "compulsive sexual behavior" as a mental disorder but said Saturday it remained unclear if it was an addiction on a par with gambling or drug abuse. The contentious term "sex addiction" has been around for decades but experts disagree over whether the condition exists.

In the latest update of its catalog of diseases and injuries around the world, the WHO takes a step towards legitimizing the concept, by acknowledging "compulsive sexual behavior disorder", or CSBD, as a mental illness.

Occurrence and Treatment of Brain Metastases in ROS1 Lung Cancer

Increasingly, doctors are treating lung cancer based on the genetic rearrangements driving the disease. For example, cancers that are driven by changes in the genes ALK,EGFR, and ROS1 can now all be paired with drugs that target these specific changes.

However, these cancers are not only dangerous in the lung where they appear, but can become especially dangerous if they are able to metastasize to the brain – a common cause of death from lung cancer. And some targeted treatments work better than others against cancer that has spread to the brain.

'The Pediatric Asthma Yardstick': New Approach in Asthma Management

Although about 10% of school-aged children in the United States have asthma, there are few comprehensive U.S. guidelines for treating pediatric asthma. The Pediatric Asthma Yardstick, a new guideline from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI), offers a user-friendly "operational document". It helps healthcare professionals understand which controller treatments are right for which age groups and identifies when a step up is needed.