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Choosing Critical Illness Policy, Insurance

Basically there are two types of critical illness policies. One is reimbursement policy and the other is benefit policy. Reimbursement policy will pay for actual medical expense like a health policy, whereas the benefit policy will pay for entire sum assured as a lumpsum benefit in case of diagnosis of any specified illness. The lumpsum benefit policy is the most commonly available and generally understood as a CI policy in general. 

Scrub Typhus Infection: Proteins Play Role in Inhibiting Immune Response

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers have discovered how a pathogen that causes the vector-borne disease scrub typhus infects cells. The finding could lead to methods to treat the disease and conditions such as cancer, autoimmunity, and inflammation, and contribute to greater understanding of infectious disease processes, said Jason Carlyon, professor of microbiology and immunology in the VCU School of Medicine.