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Faulty Cytoskeleton Impairs Immune Cells

In order to move, a body needs a strong scaffold. This is not only true on a macroscopic level, where animals rely on skeletons to support their muscles. It is also true on a cellular level: The cytoskeleton, composed of actin filaments, is crucial for active movement of the cell.

Anatomy And Physiology of The Heart

A study estimated that the heart is a type of muscle whose primary responsibility is to pump blood throughout the circulatory system. This system consists of many veins and blood vessels that branch out even to the smallest organs, ensuring that all parts of the body are consistently given enough supply of oxygen to function efficiently. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, any bodily function would fail, causing organ damage or organ death.

Drug System Could Target 'Undruggable' Enzymes Severe In Diseases

Scientists demonstrated the capabilities of the new system by identifying a molecule that could successfully target a phosphatase to reduce the accumulation of Huntington's disease-associated proteins in the brains of mice. A new drug discovery system allows scientists to specifically target members of an important family of enzymes, called phosphatases, which were previously considered mostly "undruggable". The study was published in Cell, could enable scientists to screen for drugs that can target specific phosphatases.

Hospice Care For Patient Satisfaction Can Lower Costs

Researchers reported that patients with advanced cancer who spoke with a trained nonclinical worker about personal goals for care were more likely to talk with doctors about their preferences, report higher satisfaction with their care and incur lower health costs in their final month of life. The study was published in JAMA Oncology

Severe Brain Injury Focuses on Neurological Function

Researchers showed that the traditional way of defining death, in terms of the loss of cardiorespiratory function, the committee suggested a new definition of death from brain death that focused on the loss of neurological function. The report provided a foundation for the eventual adoption of legislation that established brain death as legal death in all 50 states. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Bacteria Spores Isolated From Spacecraft

Earth germs could be contaminating other planets. Despite extreme decontamination efforts, bacteria from Earth still manages to find its way into outer space aboard spacecraft. A biologist is working to better understand how and why some spores elude decontamination.

Scientists are studying Earth germs that could be contaminating other planets. Despite extreme decontamination efforts, bacterial spores from Earth still manage to find their way into outer space aboard spacecraft. Researchers are examining how and why some spores elude decontamination. 

Sudden Descent Is Too Much For The Eardrum

After a dramatic change in cabin pressure, passengers can experience bleeding and intense pain. The Ryanair flight from Dublin to Croatia that had to make an emergency landing in Frankfurrecently led to some dramatic headlines. Following a sudden loss in cabin pressure, 33 passengers were treated in hospital, with some bleeding from their ears. Tweeted pictures from inside the plane also showed blood in used oxygen masks.