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Saunas Linked to Numerous Health Benefits

A stint in a sauna is not only pleasant and relaxing but may also improve health, according to the authors of a new, comprehensive literature review. Among the benefits they identified were a reduced risk for cardiovascular, neurocognitive, and pulmonary illnesses such as asthma and influenza

Ivosidenib Approved To Treat AML With IDH1 Mutation

Ivosidenib, an oral, targeted inhibitor of the IDH1 enzyme, is the first and only FDA-approved therapy for patients with R/R AML and an IDH1 mutation. Clinical trials at University of Colorado Cancer Center and elsewhere now result in the drug ivosidenib earning approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

New Insights On Human Anatomy

Researchers have identified a previously unknown feature of human anatomy that has implications for the function of all organs, most tissue, and the mechanisms of many major diseases. People have been studying the human body for hundreds of years and you might think we know all there is to know about human anatomy today. The study was published in the Scientific Reports.