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Growth of Fungi and Bacteria on Body Implants

A body implant provides a new habitat for bacteria and fungi, a new study conducted at the University of Copenhagen reveals. The researchers have examined a number of implants such as screws implanted in the body in connection with surgery and discovered bacteria and fungi on them – despite the fact that the patients have shown no signs of infection.

FIRS Commemorates and Supports Lung Cancer Patients

On World Lung Cancer Day, the American Thoracic Society, alongside members of the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) commemorate and support those impacted by lung cancer. FIRS continues to support the grassroots efforts of the lung cancer community to raise awareness about lung cancer and its global impact, creating an educational movement around the world of understanding about lung cancer risks as well as the importance of early treatment.

Hospice Care Is Given At A Proper Time

A study showed an example of 91-year-old father returned from the hospital after a bout of pneumonia and was readmitted scarcely a week later, his doctor suggested that hospice care was probably a good idea. He was extremely frail and barely able to walk. His overall health wasn’t improving.

Like most people eyeing hospice care as the end stage of medical intervention, I was reluctant to make that decision. It’s one of the most difficult health care decisions you’ll make because of hospice's astounding recognition of mortality.

Drexel's Polymer Crystal Nanocapsules Sustain for Long in Bloodstream

Researchers from Drexel University have developed a new type of container that seems to be the perfect fit for making the delivery. Intravenous medication has taken important leaps in recent years as a way of directly targeting ailments where they are occurring inside the body.

But getting the medicine through the bloodstream to the right place and releasing it at the right time is no easy task. The body is designed to detect and eliminate foreign objects, so successfully designing a vessel for targeted drug delivery requires equal parts engineering and cunning.