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Advanced Anesthesia Used For Modern Surgery

A new study showed augmented scientific developments in medical science, the field of healthcare management has seen numerous positive changes towards treatment facilities and technologies. There have been major updates especially in the field of surgery.

Modern Surgery

Clinical surgery plays a vital role in the treatment of many complex diseases, especially cancer. With the help of latest technology in this regard, success ratio in surgery of sensitive body parts like the brain, heart eyes etc., has improved as compared to yesteryears. Anesthesia has played a vital role indeed in the evolution of modern surgery.

OPD Visits: Insurance It But Within a Limit

Under health insurance, an insured person is covered against the financial risks associated with hospitalisation. All health insurance policies offer coverage for hospitalisation of 24 hours or more, which is why many a times patients demand to be hospitalised for ailments that may not need it. Some policies cover daycare procedures, where patients can be discharged after a few hours of treatment.

Brain Function After Concussion: Positive Response with Mild Problem-Solving Task

A mild problem-solving task improves brain functioning after a concussion, according to a new study. Currently, there are many questions about rehabilitation and treatment options, with absolute rest often the go-to treatment.

But the new study suggests that a simple cognitive task as early as four days after a brain injury activates the region that improves memory function, and may guard against developing depression or anxiety.

Sensory Neuron Diversity in the Inner Ear Is Shaped by Activity

A new study by Harvard Medical School researchers sheds light on the molecular repertoire of neurons responsible for encoding sound in the inner ear, which could inform efforts to develop therapeutic strategies to treat or protect against hearing loss.

The team shows that the class of neurons responsible for transmitting information from the inner ear to the brain is composed of three molecularly distinct subtypes. The study was published in Cell.

Youth and Women: Envisioning a Better Society

A significant percentage of the population of Bangladesh consists of youth and women, and without the inclusion of more than half of its citizen, a country cannot progress. In order to empower the youth and women in strengthening the country's development, Tanjila Mazumder Drishti, a social activist from Bangaldesh, has been organising and coordinating social development projects focusing on youth and women for the past seven years.

Microbes from Diverse Subway Travelers Mix Throughout the Day

Every day, the hundred-mile-long Hong Kong subway system serves nearly five million people commuting from as far away as mainland China. In the journal Cell Reports, researchers show how microbes from these diverse travelers mix throughout the day.

While each subway line hosts a characteristic set of bacteria during morning rush hour, by evening, these unique bacteria join into one uniform microbiome populating the entire system.

Comparative Analysis Of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Methods

A team has improved both the sensitivity and efficiency of a popular method for single-cell RNA sequencing, which yields a molecular fingerprint for individual cells based on their patterns of gene activity. The human body is made up of on the order of 13 billion cells and each of them has a distinct molecular profile.

Even cells in the same tissue can differ, often subtly, from one another, and their activities can vary over time. This is why single-cell analyses provide such a powerful tool for the characterization of cellular heterogeneities and the complex mechanisms that account for them. Single-cell technologies are already revolutionizing biology. The study was published in Nature Communications.