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MILabs' Ultra-High Resolution U-CT System

A MILabs dual-energy, ultra-high resolution U-CT system has been installed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel (HUJI). Under the direction of Professor Galia Blum, this institute has established an internationally renowned research program, focused on drug design, delivery, and therapy.

Most Older Adults Hang On Leftover Opioids

Nearly a third of older Americans filled a prescription for an opioid during the past 2 years, and many of them did not receive sufficient counseling on the risks of taking opioids, how to reduce their use, when to switch to a nonopioid pain reliever, or what to do with leftover pills, according to a new poll.

Anatomy Of Human Butt

A study evaluates the evolutionary history and present-day biology of the human asscheek. It’s a story that starts 350 million years ago, with massive primordial tails, and winding its way through the millennia ends on those time-whittled marvels of ergonomic flesh-and-muscle you’re probably sitting on right now.

The answer is both, probably. But while whole careers have been spent tracing the origins of human self-awareness, the lowly butt cheek has to this point not warranted even a short monograph. These fleshy, sometimes hairy, alternately hilarious, erotic and mundanely functional appendages.

Transmission Electron Microscopy Limitations

A study determines the limitations of Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) has found its way into cell biology since 1940. When compared with light microscopes, TEM can achieve a very high resolution due to the shorter wavelength of the electron beam it uses. This feature enables TEM to visualize the structure of the cells such as membrane systems, cilia, organelles and its complexity. Regardless of the advantages, TEM has its own limitations.

Hospice Care: Another Level Of Support In The Cancer Journey

The study estimate that our loved one is diagnosed with cancer, it is normal to be overwhelmed by thoughts of prognosis, treatments, and potential complications. Patients wonder how their lives are going to change and whether their quality of life will ever return to normal.

Quality Of Life

Pain and other symptoms, sometimes from the disease and sometimes from the treatments, can have a negative impact on one's ability to maintain a satisfactory quality of life. Dealing with the diagnosis and learning how to live with cancer requires a team effort and support from a number of professionals.

Moon Dust Is Hazardous For Astronauts

The researcher suggests that breathing toxic dust, even tiny amounts could pose a health peril to future astronauts traveling to airless planets. Dust could pose a health hazard if astronauts start spending extended periods of time on the Moon, Mars or other airless planets.

They found that up to 90% of human lung cells and mouse brain cells died when exposed to simulated lunar dust particles. The study was published recently in the journal GeoHealth.

ICU Telemedicine Reduces Interhospital ICU Transfers Of Critical Ill

According to a study, the researcher examines the effect of ICU telemedicine on transfers is not well studied. This study tests the hypothesis that ICU telemedicine decreases ICU patient interhospital transfers.

Telemedicine is associated with a decrease in inter-hospital intensive care unit (ICU) transfers. The study was published in the journal Chest.