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New Way To Diagnose Ear Infections

The researcher has developed an imaging tool that it says may help better diagnose ear infections. PhotoniCare's new hand-held device uses advanced light-based technology to see through the eardrum to the middle ear. Otitis media, commonly known as middle-ear infection, is an inflammation in the middle ear, the area behind the eardrum. It's usually associated with the buildup of fluid.

Remission of Human Type 2 Diabetes In Some Patients

A clinical trial recently showed that nearly half of individuals with type 2 diabetes achieved remission to a non-diabetic state after a weight-loss intervention delivered within 6 years of diagnosis. The study was published in the journal Cell Metabolism 

It reveals that this successful response to weight loss is associated with the early and sustained improvement in the functioning of pancreatic beta cells. This finding challenges the previous paradigm that beta-cell function is irreversibly lost in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Risk Of Actinic Keratosis In Taller People

According to a study, researchers showed a significant and positive correlation between height and actinic keratosis (AK). The study included 17,386,083 participants who were divided into five groups according to height. A total of 49,287 AK cases were reported, yielding an incidence rate of 0.314 per 1,000 person-years. AK was most common in participants above the age of 60 years.

Role Of ED In The Prevention Of Suicide

The European Psychiatric Association Section of Suicidology and Suicide Prevention reflects on the emergency department as a site for suicide risk management and prevention. The emergency department (ED) is the setting where all critical emergencies, including severe life-threatening conditions and suicidal behaviors, are assessed. One of the many challenges for the clinicians working in the emergency department is that they must learn to leave aside their prejudices when treating people with thoughts or acts of self-inflicted harm.

Improper Sleep Leads To Risk Of Depression

Researchers have found that missing out on a good night’s sleep can leave you more likely to become depressed or suffer from bipolar disorder. The largest study of its kind put movement monitors on 91,000 people to track activity levels and survey levels of happiness. The findings, published in the journal Lancet, show being too active at night and inactive in the day was linked to lower mood.

SDG Targets on Healthcare: India Requires a Better Report

The health of all people is not the same; nor is that of all nations. Countries across the world vary tremendously in terms of their burden of disease, and performance in terms of doing what is required. Shortfall in performance can be attributed to several factors that these columns have emphasized: policy, infrastructure, medical staff, and front-line workers. 

New Test Diagnoses Heart Attacks Faster

According to a new study, researchers examine a new test to assess a whether or not someone is having a heart attack upon arriving in the emergency room was safe and effective, ruling out heart attack in emergency room patients faster than a conventional method. The study was published in the journal Circulation.