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Global Seeks On Managing Dementia Symptoms

New research which brings together the views of the world's leading experts has concluded that non-drug approaches should be prioritized in treating agitation in people with Alzheimer's disease. They provided more specific guidance on the management of behavioral and psychological symptoms in people with Alzheimer's disease. The study was published in International Psychogeriatrics.

Viral replication Suppression With The New HIV Therapy

In a study, a new HIV drug reduced viral replication and increased immune cells in individuals with advanced, drug-resistant HIV infection. Used in combination with existing HIV medications, the drug is a promising strategy for patients who have run out of effective treatment options, the researchers said. The study, co-authored by Yale assistant professor of medicine Brinda Emu, M.D., was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Early Initiation Of Antiretroviral Therapy Benefits HIV-Infected Children

Without treatment, an HIV-infected child is at greater risk of disease progression to AIDS than an adult. Initiation of early treatment in infants shows an undeniable clinical benefit by reducing the risk of death in early childhood. It may also be accompanied by a significant reduction of the viral reservoir (the amount of total viral DNA present in the immune cells of patients), which could promote the accumulation of conditions required for remission.

Artificial Placenta Model Closely Resembles Natural Organ, Findings

The placenta has an essential and highly complex task: it must ensure the exchange of important substances between the mother and her unborn child, whilst simultaneously blocking other substances from passing through. Until now, it has not been fully understood what the permeability of the placenta depends on – after all, it is incredibly difficult to investigate its function in humans directly.

Adolescent and Youth Issues in Bangladesh Must be Prioritized, Findings

Ninth-grader Nafisa Mehrin of Holy Cross Girls' High School in Dhaka has found a box at a dedicated corner of her school where she can drop written questions related to adolescence. Her question is picked up by a counsellor designated for the school, under a flagship project called “Generation Breakthrough” of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The counsellor provides answers to Nafisa's queries in the same box.