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Targeting Chemical Signals To Treat Obesity

New research published in The Journal of Physiology has shed light on how to disrupt chemical signals that affect how much someone eats, which could lead to a method for helping manage obesity. Obesity is one of today's most prevalent public health concerns. In the UK it affects around 1 in every 4 adults and around 1 in every 5 children aged 10 to 11.

Hepatitis C And Drug Abuse Often Go Hand In Hand

When people seek help at a drug treatment center for opioid addiction, concerns about having contracted hepatitis C are generally low on their list. They have often reached a crisis point in their lives, said Marie Sutton, the CEO of Imagine Hope, a consulting group that provides staff training and technical assistance to facilitate testing for the liver-damaging virus at more than 30 drug treatment centers in Georgia.

Galectins Play A Vital Role In The Degeneration In Osteoarthritis

A network of carbohydrate binding proteins so-called galectins plays a vital role in the degeneration of cartilage in osteoarthritis. A research group at the MedUni Vienna was able to demonstrate this correlation, in cooperation with international study partners. In osteoarthritis, specific galectins are produced by the cartilage cells themselves and accelerate the degeneration process of the cartilage matrix.