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Association Between Artificial Gravity And Cardiovascular Deconditioning Of Spaceflight

Spaceflight-induced physiological deconditioning resulting from the decreased gravitational input decreased plasma volume, and disruption of regulatory mechanisms is a significant problem in returning astronauts as well as in normal aging.

Here we review the effects of a promising countermeasure on cardiovascular systems of healthy men and women undergoing Earth-based models of space-flight. This countermeasure is produced by a centrifuge and called artificial gravity (AG).

Numerous studies have determined that AG improves orthostatic tolerance (as assessed by various protocols) of healthy ambulatory men, of men deconditioned by bed rest or by immersion (both wet and dry) and, in one case, following spaceflight

Dupilumab Beneficial in Patients With Severe Atopic Dermatitis

A Phase 3 trial of Dupixent (dupilumab; Sanofi and Regeneron) in adolescent patients found that monotherapy resulted in significant improvements in the signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis. The findings were presented at the recent European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Congress.

Dupixent is an interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 inhibitor and is currently approved to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis in adults whose disease is not adequately controlled with topical prescription therapies. 

Hearing Loss Caused By Alport Syndrome

Alport Syndrome is a genetic disease characterized by progressive hearing loss, as well as kidney disease and eye abnormalities. In Alport syndrome, a mutation in one of the genes that encode for the structural protein type 4 collagen causes problems in how the protein is made and functions.

Why is hearing affected by Alport syndrome?

Type 4 collagen is important in forming the organ of Corti (part of the cochlea), the portion of the inner ear that transforms sounds into electrical signals sent to the brain via auditory nerves. Structural abnormalities caused by the mutations lead to hearing loss, which can develop into profound deafness in some patients.

Major Facilities In ICU Is Sedation

Sedation is one of the main facilities in the intensive care unit (ICU). However, it is well known that no sedation, or minimizing it, results in better outcomes, such as decreased length of hospital stay, shorter duration of mechanical ventilation, reduced health care costs and a reduced need for additional examinations to determine brain function.

It is also related to early mobilization of the patient, but it is unclear if it decreases delirium. Most of the review studies supporting this evidence are based on populations with non-acute brain injury. Traditionally, these patients were kept under sedation in the early phase to prevent the secondary insult.

Taking Care of Older Adults Living With HIV

The advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy in the mid-1990s has enabled people living with HIV to achieve a normal or close-to-normal life expectancy, the effect of which is now being realized. In 2014, approximately 45% of people living with HIV in the United States were aged ≥50 years, 27% were aged ≥55 years, and 6% were aged ≥65 years.

Although new HIV diagnoses among people aged ≥50 years decreased by 10% from 2010 to 2014, this age group still accounted for 17% of new HIV diagnoses in 2015.  Despite such data, HIV/AIDS in the United States is still thought of by many as a disease of young adults, and this is where the majority of screening and prevention efforts have continued.

Subsequently, many older adults are not being diagnosed until later stages. In 2014, 40% of patients aged ≥55 years had advanced to AIDS by the time they received their HIV diagnosis. Ageism perpetuates the invisibility of older adults, which renders current medical and social service systems unprepared to respond to the needs of people aging with HIV infection.

Biosensor Response From Target Molecules With Inhomogeneous Charge Localization

Clinicians most often monitor antibodies because these small proteins attach to antigens or foreign substances, we face every day. Most biomolecules, however, have complicated charge characteristics, and the sensor response from conventional carbon nanotube systems can be erratic.

A team recently revealed how these systems work and proposed changes to dramatically improve biomolecule detection. The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Privatising Education and Health, Subtle Methods

It is said that Sri Lanka has a ‘free education’ system and a ‘free health service’. To some extent, it is true as the Government schools and hospitals do not levy fees legally from students and patients. However, in a sense, one cannot call the country’s education and the health services ‘free’ because authorities have developed various methods to levy money from the students and the patients or push them to the wall, where they have to spend money for the same services.

Night Shift Work And Breast Cancer Risk

Women who work at night, especially during pre-menopause, may be at greater risk of developing breast cancer. This the finding of a new analysis of surveys of 13,000 women from five countries conducted by a team of researchers that includes Anne Grundy, a research associate at Université de Montréal's Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, part of the School of Public Health.

Indian Healthcare, Great Leap Forward with Ayushman Bharat Say Experts

Flowing from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary leadership, the National Health Policy 2017 was formulated to achieve the highest possible level of good health and well-being, and universal access to good quality healthcare services without anyone having to face financial hardship as a consequence.

A step towards fulfilling the vision of the National Health Policy 2017, Ayushman Bharat is a pioneering initiative to adopt a continuum of holistic approach to healthcare, comprising two principal pillars.