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Fistula Survivors in Nepal Find Reprieve, Findings

At the age of 17, Palesh Devi Rajdhobi was married off to a man she had never met. One year later, she gave birth to her first child. Then another, and another. When she was pregnant with her sixth, she knew something was wrong.

“By the time I was taken to the hospital, it was already too late. Two tragedies befell me. I had a stillbirth and started leaking urine constantly,” Ms. Rajdhobi told UNFPA.

India’s First Oral Health Policy Unvieled

Private dental hospitals will be asked to screen poor patients for free. Govt to fund treatment through existing healthcare plans. With Maharashtra recording the highest number of oral cancer cases in the country, the Devendra Fadnavis government has come up with the country’s first oral health policy, Swashtha Mukh Abhiyan, which will be launched soon.

enVision: Quick and Accurate Screening of Diseases

A multidisciplinary team of researchers has developed a portable, easy-to-use device for quick and accurate screening of diseases. This versatile technology platform called enVision (enzyme-assisted nanocomplexes for visual identification of nucleic acids) can be designed to detect a wide range of diseases – from emerging infectious diseases and high-prevalence infections to various types of cancers and genetic diseases.

Geographic Distribution of Outbreaks of Salmonella Enteric

A 10-year investigation evaluating data from four surveillance systems captured information on the geographic distribution of outbreaks of Salmonella enterica serotype Newport infections in the U.S., who is at greatest risk, the rate of antimicrobial resistance of Newport infections, and how often antimicrobial resistance may be linked to an environmental cause of infection.