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New Study Reveals 'Startling' Risk Of Stroke

Globally, one in four people over age 25 is at risk for stroke during their lifetime, according to a new scientific study. Researchers found a nearly five-fold difference in lifetime stroke risk worldwide, with the highest risk in East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, and lowest in sub-Saharan Africa.

Potential Leukaemia Treatment with an Eye Drop Use

An active ingredient in eye drops that were being developed for the treatment of a form of eye disease has shown promise for treating an aggressive form of blood cancer. Scientists have found that this compound, which targets an essential cancer gene, could kill leukaemia cells without harming non-leukemic blood cells.  The results, published in Nature Communications reveal a potential new treatment approach for an aggressive blood cancer with a poor prognosis.

Healthcares Team Up To Create Unique, Technology-Driven Post-Acute Platform

Kindred Healthcare, LLC ("Kindred") and Netsmart today announced a partnership to create unique, technology-driven clinical platform that surpasses the traditional boundaries of electronic medical records ("EMRs") and aligns with the needs of the evolving value-based care environment Through this partnership, the companies expect to build and support integrated post-acute solutions, improve care outcomes and address gaps in patient care.