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Tender Tactics Put A Toddler At Ease With MRI Scanner

It took time, patience and a team effort to get Harrison Atkins to co-operate enough to lie still for an MRI scan of his head. But the 2-year-old has made history for Pacific Radiology staff in Palmerston North, relaxing so completely during the noisy, claustrophobic procedure that he went to sleep in the middle of it.

Health Benefits Of Macroalgae Origin

Seaweeds are well-known for their exceptional capacity to accumulate essential minerals and trace elements needed for human nutrition, although their levels are commonly very variable depending on their morphological features, environmental conditions, and geographic location.

A Device To Deliver Immunotherapy Without Side Effects

Houston Methodist scientists have developed a nanodevice to deliver immunotherapy without side effects to treat triple-negative breast cancer. Inserted straight into a tumor, this nanofluidic seed makes it possible to deliver a one-time, sustained-release dose that would eliminate the need for patients to undergo several IV treatments over time.

Genetic Marker Predict Outcomes With Radiation Therapy

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Now, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center—Jefferson Health and Lankenau Institute for Medical Research scientists find that a gene involved in the immune system called IDO2 plays a significant role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the most common type of pancreatic cancer.