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Regional Anesthesia Technique Reduces Pain

Women undergoing mastectomy for breast cancer experience improved postsurgical pain relief and reduced opioid when given to pectoralis nerve plane (PECS) block prior to surgery, suggests research presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY ®  2018 annual meeting. The PECS block is a newer regional anesthesia technique that works by injecting long-acting anesthetics, guided by ultrasound, to numb the front of the chest wall before surgical incision. 

Palliative Care Patients Perspective

Massage & Myotherapy Australia have today called upon all political parties contesting seats in the Victorian state election to answer to what the community and doctors are telling them about the needs of palliative care patients.

Mrs. Hughes, Massage & Myotherapy Australia CEO, said that in the absence of adequate policies and funding that recognize their role, many professional therapists are asked to provide their services for free. In the long-term this is untenable. Among the palliative care community, massage is well known for its benefits in improving the quality of life of patients.

Use Of Antipsychotics Shown Ineffective For Delirium In ICU Patients

Critically ill patients in intensive care units (ICUs), according to the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health. The multi-site team that conducted the trial found no evidence that treatment with antipsychotic medicines haloperidol or ziprasidone affected delirium, survival, length of ICU or hospital stay or safety.

The findings from the Modifying the Impact of ICU-Associated Neurological Dysfunction-USA (MIND-USA), the study was published in  The New England Journal of Medicine.