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Biologists Use 'Mini Retinas' to Better Understand Connection Between Eye and Brain

IUPUI biologists are growing 'mini retinas' in the lab from stem cells to mimic the growth of the human retina. The researchers hope to use the research to restore sight when critical connections between the eye and the brain are damaged. These models also allow the researchers to better understand how cells in the retina develop and are organized. These results are published online in  Scientific Reports

Making Moves to Understand Cognitive Function in the Brain

The cerebellum, a structure found in the back of the skull, is known to be important for the control of movement, while the frontal cortex is responsible for cognitive functions such as short-term memory and decision making. However, as the scientists continue to unlock the mystery of how billions of neurons in the brain interact, it is becoming more apparent that it is not that black and white

Better Health Outcomes in India with Focused IPR-Protection

A lack of a strong IPR regime and drug price control – India is already among the five offenders on drug tariffs – delay innovation and the advent of cutting edge medicines. While US President Donald Trump has largely focused on his grievances with trade – going as far as  to refer to India as to "tariffking"  – it remains to be seen how Indian policy makers handle Intellectual Property Right (IPR) related issues, which has historically been a source of contention between America and India.  

Mental ill-Health: The Latest NCD in Sri Lanka

The World Health Organisation (WHO) marked the World Mental Health Day this month with the theme being ‘young people and mental health in a changing world.’ The aim is to raise global awareness of mental health issues and to stimulate advocacy.