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Opioid Use Linked to Increased AF Risk

Even relatively short-term use of opioids can increase the risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients in their mid 30s, new research suggests. A retrospective analysis of more than 850,000 veterans in the United States (mean age, 38 years) showed that 29% of the 3000 participants with AF had been prescribed an opioid, whereas only 15% of those without AF had.

Three-Photon Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy

A recently developed technique known as light-sheet fluorescence microscopy has led to many biological discoveries by allowing researchers to create 3-D images of tissue, even live animal embryos, using fluorescent tags.

Now, researchers report the ability to increase the imaging depth of light-sheet fluorescence microscopy with the use of an optical phenomenon known as three-photon absorption. The study was published in the journal  Optics Letters, the researchers report in detail how three-photon absorption can be used with light-sheet fluorescence microscopy to image deeper into tissues.