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Trauma May Increase CVD Risk for LGBT

Trauma may rank alongside tobacco use, binge drinking, and overeating as a potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in lesbian and bisexual women, new research suggests. Among more than 500 sexual-minority women, childhood trauma, including abuse and parental neglect, was as an independent risk factor for diabetes, increasing the odds by 58%.

Fake Drugs Put The Life At Risk

In late 2012, 60 people died in two cities in Pakistan after drinking cough syrup to get high. Syrups from two separate manufacturers were involved. It was found that both were using an active ingredient dextromethorphan, a synthetic morphine-like compound imported from the same manufacturer in India. Indian drug authorities put a halt to production while they investigated.

New Method Treats Rare Childhood Blood Disease

Pediatric researchers studying the life-threatening blood disorder Fanconi anemia have devised a method to block the abnormal biological signals that drive the disease. This proof-of-concept finding in animals and stem cells from human cord blood may lay the foundation for better treatments for children with the rare, frequently fatal disease.

Tumor Immune Cells Aid Cancer Therapies

A pioneering technique designed to spot differences between immune cells in tumors could speed the development of cancer treatments, research suggests. Scientists say the approach could be used to help doctors choose the best treatments for individual patients and predict which tumors are likely to respond to a particular therapy.