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Varenicline for Smoking Cessation Linked to ill effects

In an observational study of patients who were prescribed varenicline (Chantix in the United States/Champix elsewhere, Pfizer) to stop smoking, treatment was associated with increased risk of cardiovascular events, researchers report. Patients in Ontario who visited the emergency room (ER) or were hospitalized for a cardiovascular event(MI or stroke) within a year before or after filling the first prescription for varenicline were 34% more likely to have this event during the 12-week varenicline-therapy period as opposed to before or after.

Genetic diversity in Malaria parasite in the Americas

Researchers discover that populations of Plasmodium vivax on the continent are as genetically diverse as in Southeast Asia, where malaria transmission is more frequent. Vivax's greater genetic diversity in the Americas in comparison with Falciparum species might be explained by a wider range of migratory routes.

Cardiovascular Risk is an Early Sign in ADPKD

The aim of the study was to identify early and noninvasive markers of cardiovascular risk in young ADPKD patients, in the early stages of the disease.Cardiovascular disease is the most frequent cause of morbidity and mortality in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease ( ADPKD ) patients, often before the onset of  renal failure , and the pathogenetic mechanism is not yet well elucidated.