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Ancient Viruses Got Cannabis High, New Findings

THC and CBD, bioactive substances produced by cannabis and sought by medical patients and recreational users, sprung to life thanks to ancient colonization of the plant's genome by viruses, have found. World's first cannabis chromosome map reveals the plant's evolutionary past and points to its future as a potential medicine.

Promising New HIV Vaccine Strategy Unveiled

A new candidate HIV vaccine from Scripps Research surmounts technical hurdles that stymied previous vaccine efforts, and stimulates a powerful anti-HIV antibody response in animal tests.

The new vaccine strategy, described in a paper in Science Advances, is based on the HIV envelope protein, Env. This complex, shape-shifting molecule has been notoriously difficult to produce in vaccines in a way that induces useful immunity to HIV.

'Papageno Effect' in Suicide Prevention, Study Highlights

The role of people with their own experience of suicidal ideation is an important topic in suicide prevention work. This paper is corroborated by the most recent study, which is the largest in a total of 545 participants: working with colleagues from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and Leuven University in Belgium, study have shown that expert about suicide prevention can reduce suicidal ideation, irrespective of whether the expert in question mentions their personal experiences of suicidal ideation in the article or not.

A Protein that Makes you Do the Twist: Myosin 1D

Asymmetry plays a major role in biology at every scale: think of DNA spirals, the fact that the human heart is positioned on the left, our preference to use our left or right hand. An international team has shown how a single protein induces a spiral motion in another molecule. Through a domino effect, this causes cells, organs, and indeed the entire body to twist, triggering lateralized behavior. This research is published in the journal Science on November 23, 2018.