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Sleeping Sickness Turns Out to Be Circadian Rhythm Disorder

One of Africa's most lethal diseases is actually a circadian rhythm disorder caused by the acceleration of biological clocks controlling a range of vital functions besides sleep, reports Nature Communications. By understanding which clock genes are affected by the parasitic disease, scientists hope the research will eventually prove useful in developing new therapeutic alternatives to the current toxic treatments that are occasionally fatal to patients.

Dibenzoazepine: A Defender Against Resistant Hepatitis C

Highly effective treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV) have become available in recent years, drug-resistant viral strains can still lead to treatment failure for a sizable proportion of patients. Now, in a recent study published in PNAS Plus, reported a class of chemicals that can combat resistant strains of the HCV, as well as parasites that cause malaria and toxoplasmosis.

Mysteries behind diversity of DNA composition uncovered

DNA mutations found to be biased toward favoring 'G-C' content. To make the iconic, twisted double helix that accounts for the diversity of life, DNA rules specify that G always pairs with C, and A with T. But, when it's all added up, the amount of G+C vs A+T content among species is not a simple fixed percentage or, standard one-to-one ratio.

Comprehensive health study in India

A new state-by-state health analysis in India finds that over two decades heart- and lung-related conditions, as well as other non-communicable diseases (NCDs), have surpassed infectious diseases, such as diarrhea and tuberculosis, as the nation's leading killers. The extent of this difference, however, varies significantly among the nation's 29 states and seven union territories.

Painful Sex and Bladder Problems

New study provides added insights as to why women become less sexually active as they age. As women age, sexual activity typically declines. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are no longer interested in sex. The problem for many is physical.

An increasing frequency and severity of bacterium due to dietary sugar

Researcher’s team revealed that in laboratory tests and animal models, trehalose develops the virulence of epidemic C. difficile lineages that predominate in patient infections. An increasing frequency and severity of healthcare-associated outbreaks caused by bacterium Clostridium difficile have been linked to the widely used food additive trehalose. This study has been published in Journal Nature.

Typbar-TCV achieves WHO prequalification

A typhoid conjugate vaccine has been prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO), bringing the vaccine one step closer to reaching millions more people at risk of typhoid.

Typbar-TCV, a Vi-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine manufactured by Indian company Bharat Biotech, is the first typhoid conjugate vaccine to achieve WHO prequalification. The vaccine, which is currently licensed in India and Nepal as a single, intramuscular dose, has been shown to elicit a robust immune response in infants as young as six months of age.