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BP Can Be Controlled by Multipronged Approach

Researchers examined and found, in hypertensive patients, blood pressure (BP) control is best achieved through multilevel, multicomponent strategies that include physician- and nonphysician-led interventions, results of a comparative effectiveness analysis suggest. This study got published in the Medscape Cardiology.

More Sleeps Due To General Anaesthetics

Researcher from the University of Queensland Associate Professor Bruno van Swinderen, and his team had overturned previous understanding of what general anaesthetics do to the brain, finding the drugs did much more than induce sleep. A new understanding of the complex ways in which general anaesthetics act on the brain could eventually lead to improved drugs for surgery.

Misfolding In Mitochondria; Study reveals

Researchers from German studied on the Misfolded proteins cause many diseases including neurodegenerative conditions and cancer. To protect themselves from protein misfolding, cells have developed sophisticated quality control mechanisms. How these function in the case of protein misfolding in mitochondria is now the subject of research currently being conducted by Dr. Christian Münch at the Institute of Biochemistry II of Goethe University Frankfurt.