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Greater Volume of CTPA Reduced Diagnostic Yield

According to a new study published in the JAMA Intern Medicine, among physicians who ordered a greater number of CTPA scans, a statistically significant decrease in the proportion of positive results. The association may reflect a fundamental relationship between individual physician overutilization and decreasing diagnostic yield and is deserving of greater attention.

Cholera Pandemic And Controlled Strategies

The researchers show that the latest cholera pandemic originated in Asia, and that most of antibiotic resistant strains come from this continent.  They recently published two studies tracing the history of cholera outbreaks in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean from the last 60 years. This study has been published in Science.

Malaria Parasite Protects Genetic Material for Trip from Mosquitoes to Host

The parasite that causes malaria has two specialized proteins that protect its messenger RNAs — genetic material that encodes for proteins — until the parasite takes up residence in a new mosquito or a human host. A new study, published in the journal mSphere, describes the two proteins and reveals an additional role that one may play to facilitate RNA-based interactions between the parasite, its mosquito vector, and its human host.