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Unsafe Habits Associated with Sleep-Related Infant Deaths

According to a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many parents still regularly risk their babies' lives as they put them to bed. Analyzing data from the states, the CDC found that parents continued to practice unsafe habits that have been associated with sleep-related infant deaths , including sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS ).

Fast Foods Activate the Immune System

Researchers have found that the immune system has been shown to react to fast foods containing excess salt and calories and this activation of the immune system to fast foods is similar to its reaction to bacterial infections. The study findings reported in the latest issue of the journal Cell.

Antipsychotics are Safer for Symptoms of Dementia

A new study has shown that primary care physicians (PCPs) continue to prescribe medications for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) because they view them as safer and more effective than controlled studies report. PCPs use drugs for symptoms with a direct threat of harm but also to meet patient-oriented goals, including easing patient suffering.

More Insights on Bladder Control

About 40% of older women and up to 35% of older men live with distressing urinary symptoms, including difficulty with bladder control and urinating (sometimes known as "voiding"), which often compromise the quality of life and overall health.

The lack of truly effective and safe therapies for these challenges stems from insufficient knowledge of the biological mechanisms for urinary control, the impact of aging and disease on urinary control, and the relationships of symptoms to urinary health and overall well-being.