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Bursting Microbubbles Improve Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy

Injecting breast cancer with oxygen-filled microbubbles makes tumors three-times more sensitive to radiation therapy and improves survival in animal models of the disease. The study in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology* Biology* Physics (IJROBP) makes a strong case for moving this technology into clinical trials with breast cancer patients.

Safety and Clinical Outcomes of Simultaneous Bilateral TKA in HA

Researchers to investigate the safety , cost-effectiveness, and clinical outcomes of bilateral total knee arthroplasty ( TKA ) in hemophilic arthropathy ( HA ), the requirements for transfusions, complications, costs, hospital stays, Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) knee scores, knee range of motion ( ROM ) and revision rates were compared between bilateral bilateral and unilateral TKA in HA patients.

Targeted Probes for Lung Inflammation Detection with PET

Researchers aimed to develop a potent MMP probe , specifically targeting MMP-12 and MMP-9, based on ML5 for noninvasive COPD imaging with PET . As attachment of the  18 F-fluorobenzoyl moiety Decreased the affinity of ML5 Toward MMP-12, we selected another prosthetic agent for radiofluorination, 4-nitrophenyl 2- Namely 18 F-fluoropropionate ( 18 F-NFP ) .

Zika Virus: Repurposed Drug found to be Effective

In both cell cultures and mouse models, a drug used to treat Hepatitis C effectively protected and rescued neural cells infected by the Zika virus — and blocked transmission of the virus to mouse fetuses. Researchers say their findings support further investigation of using the repurposed drug as a potential treatment for Zika-infected adults, including pregnant women.