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TB Risk Perceptions among Medical Residents

Health Care Workers (HCWs) are known to be at risk of acquiring tuberculosis in the workplace. In response to this risk, the WHO published guidelines for prevention of TB in health care facilities and policy on TB infection control. In India, studies have also reported an increased risk of TB among HCWs. The government has issued airborne infection control recommendations for healthcare settings. However, due to structural, administrative, and behavioral factors, implementation of these guidelines has been poor.

Estimation of Post-mortem Interval for Criminal investigations

A new study revealed that following the analysis of five evidential components (bones, mites, soil chemistry, nematodes and soil micro-eukaryotes) the following course of events can be proposed for the case: human remains were found in a Swiss Plateau forest. Mite evidence, however, suggests that the corpse was translocated from its original crime scene to the forest soil.

Smoking Cessation Medications: The Benefits Diminish Over Time

A new Tel Aviv University study published in Addiction finds that only eight out of 100 smokers who take smoking cessation medications will have benefited from taking smoking medications after one year's time. The researchers conclude that this low rate of success should lead policymakers to find better methods to help smokers quit — and to prevent young people from taking up smoking, to begin with.