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A New Method To Discover The Shape Of Proteins

According to a study, researchers developed two parties changes strategy to keep the business going, the other has to adapt in turn. The leap from business ventures to the structure of proteins might seem a little bold. A concept of "balanced changes" is precisely the guiding principle of an important new work. The study published in PNAS, the journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

A group of molecules found in Cartilage; Study surveyed

A new study examined by researchers, they have discovered a collection of molecules, called chondroitin sulfate, normally found only in connective tissues such as the cartilage, accumulates and causes inflammation in the hearts of patients with heart failure. The study has been published in Circulation, a journal from the American Heart Association.

'Chemical Noses' Made Even More Sensitive

Sensors that sniff out chemicals in the air to warn us about everything from fires to carbon monoxide to drunk drivers to explosive devices hidden in luggage have improved so much that they can even detect diseases on a person's breath. Researchers from Drexel University and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have made a discovery that could make our best "chemical noses" even more sensitive.