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Development of endocrine producing in embryonic pancreas

A study involved by the researchers report that development of the endocrine pancreas is promoted by a web like network of epithelial tubes that exist only transiently in the developing embryo. These findings suggest that a deeper understanding of this endocrine differentiation 'niche' could propel development of novel treatments for diabetes. The study has published in Genes & Development.

Skin Flakes Of Human Lead To Bad Smell; Study Revealed

Researchers discovered that Skin squames are a source of food for the bacteria found in air-cooling units, which produce odours even in a dust-free air-conditioning system. This research is the first to show that the growth and bacterial degradation of skin squames in air-cooling units is positively correlated to the complaints of urine-like smell in air-conditioned areas.

In Comparison Of Transfemoral with Non-TF For TAVR; Study Tested

In this study, researchers showed comparison study of Transfemoral (TF) access is associated with lower rates of surgical conversion and mortality compared with non-TF access for Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Therefore, efforts should be made to make this procedure even less invasive, allowing more TAVR procedures to be performed through femoral access. We herein describe our single-center experience of using one-stage percutaneous internal endoconduits for TAVR in patients with unfavorable iliac artery anatomy.

To Monitor Patient's Brain Activity; EEG Biomarker Could Help Anaesthetists

In this study, researchers from the Brunel University London used electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor patient's brain activity during surgery under two standard anaesthetics. Propofol (also called Diprivan) and Desflurane. Electroencephalogram Similarity Analysis Using Temporal and Spectral Dynamics Analysis for Propofol and Desflurane Induced Unconsciousness. The study is published online in Symmetry.